Monday, 17 November 2008
List of events 23:44

Ok Guys, we are too busy to update on our own blog.
From now on, there will be weekly meeting on Wednesday from 3-6pm.

Meeting details are as follow:
Photoshop tips
Shooting tips
Experimental shoots in studio
Knowledge on Basic photography
And many more

And I have a list of shoots as follow which I need photographer down for the shoot.

Orion 2008
Orion 2008 rehearsal : 3rd and 4th Dec 2008, 11am to 10pm at Theatre For the Arts (TFA)Actual event : 5th Dec 2008, 7pm to 9pm at Theatre For the Arts (TFA)

Foreign Bodies dance production
Rehearsal : 11/12/08 from 7:00pm ( Mainly scout for good angle for close up)
Actual event : Friday, 12/12/08, 7:30pm (Mainly audience and performance shots)

SCL Club Comission 2008
Will update the details soon

Climb Run
This wednesday.

Guitar Club annual concert
Actual Event
Date: 23rd Dec (Tue) Venue: TFA Time: 7pm-9pm

For more info for photographers how to sumite photos, please visit
Same for downloading.
Any question, please call or sms me.

Cheers and cya guys around

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