Thursday, 31 March 2011
Photographers Needed! 23:21

Hi all!

Anyone interested and free to be able to take pictures for a Floorball competition this coming Sunday, 3rd April?

Details are as follows:
  • Time and Date: 3rd April, 8.45am
  • Location: RP sports complex, Multi purpose hall. (Level 1, with aircon).
  • Ends at: 10.30am, estimated

Requirements for this event is to have a dSLR, and Prosumer Digital Cameras, since you'll need the speed to capture the speed of the event. dSLR users have priority. We're looking for 3 photographers to help cover the event!

Please reply by 1st April, Friday, whether you would like to take part! Remember, first come, first serve! =D

Jonathan Siow

Monday, 28 March 2011
D'Camp Photographer Found 15:54

Hi all,

we've found our photographer for D'Camp already. Thank you for participating!

Jonathan Siow

Photographers Needed! 15:11

Hey NYPPCians!

how have holidays been? Anyways, we are looking for ONE photographer to help out with D'Camp, an upcoming camp from the 31st March to 2nd April. The camp will be held in school, and it's attendees are potential student leaders.

Plus, it will be an overnight camp, so we require that photographer to be able to stay overnight throughout the camp itself. The photographer will join an already selected and volunteered group of 4 photographers that will also be taking photos for D'Camp.

Criteria for the photographer:
1. Owns a dSLR
2. Stay overnight throughout camp
3. Stay throughout 3 days.

Reply ASAP to get the position! :D

Jonathan Siow

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