Sunday, 23 August 2009

Justin Kon Photography wishes one and all at NYPPC the best for all your exams for those who are in the midst of it. And to those doing their fyp or having internships! Have fun guys! And most importantly, keep up the shooting! haha.

Best wishes,
Justin Kon

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009
Best Buddy Forever Awards 14:42

As seen from the email:

The Health Promotion Board will be organising the Best Buddy Forever Awards as part of our World Mental Health Day celebration this year. This is an online contest for youths aged 13 to 25 years old to show their appreciation and gratitude towards their buddy/buddies who have helped them overcome challenges in their lives. We hope the contest which focuses on the theme of 'Friendship', would promote positive social network and encourage supportive relationships, which are both important parts of having a good mental health.

The two categories of the contest are as follow,
a) Video Category
b) Picture Category

To take part in this contest, the participants just need to:
a) Video Category:
Create a video of not longer than 3 minutes in duration, and/or

b) Picture Category:
Compose a picture of not larger than 1024 by 768 pixels in dimension, not more than 1.5 MB in file size.

They can log on to from 13 August 2009 onwards and upload their submission with a short description of how their buddy/buddies have supported them and helped them overcome difficulties in their lives, and how they want to thank them.

Each participant may submit up to a maximum of 2 entries - one for each category. The submission periodis from 13 August to 4 September 2009, 2359 hrs

Winners for each category will be determined by the number of online votes their entries received. Entries with the most online votes win. The voting period is from 13 August to 8 September 2009, 2359 hrs.

The winners stand a chance to win the following prizes,
a) Video Category
1st Prize: $800 cash
2nd Prize: $600 cash
3rd Prize: $500 cash
5 x Consolation Prizes: $200 cash each

b) Picture Category
1st Prize: $1000 cash
2nd Prize: $800 cash
3rd Prize: $600 cash
5 x Consolation Prizes: $200 cash each

For any clarification or assistance, please mail to

We look forward to your students' participation in the Best Buddy Forever Awards.


Wednesday, 5 August 2009
The Camp 12:27

hello guys and girls.

i know i promise a meeting today. Due to unforeseen circumstances. We cant have meetings today. Erm....we MIGHT not jsut have one due to common test...exam and stuff.

The upcoming camp is supposedly to brief everyone what is going to happen throughout the camp.
Anyway.. about the payment issues. 15 dollars per person might just not be enough. We might be printing T-shirts for all of you. Im nice..remember. I know it may be hard for all of you. But im asking for a nice 20 from each of you. Most likely there will be balance. And i will guarantee it will be returned to all of you if there is.

Lastly. Payment method. Please call me or any other seniors to pay the required 20 dollars and returned the Indemnity form. Everything to be done by END OF THIS WEEK. You can call me @ 96622240

As of tml i will put a nice littlebox outside the photography studio to put the What to bring list. Please pay a visit from 6th August onwards for the What to bring list.

Please do. Very important.

Any other question please feel free to contact me. You can use the forum to raise any question as i prepared a topic there.


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