Tuesday, 28 September 2010
A-Team Day 11:49

Hi NYPPCians!
the Ambassadorial Team (A-Team) is having an event on the 1st October 2010, and we are looking for 2 people to help shoot the event.

The details are:
Date: 1 October 2010
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Venue: NYP, E308B

If you are interested, please drop us an e-mail ASAP! Remember, it's first come, first serve!

Jonathan Siow

Saturday, 25 September 2010
Chingay 2011 looking for Dancers!! 16:56

Hi NYPPCians,

the People Association's Youth Movement (PAYM) is looking for people who are interested to be part of a Hip Hop Dance Contingent that will comprise of a total of 3,000 youths to be part of next year's Chingay Parade!

PAYM will be forming a Hip Hop dance contingent titled ‘Passionate Youth’, which comprises of 3,000 youths for the finale segment of the Chingay Parade 2011 (11th and 12th Feb 2010). The dance contingent will attempt to dance their way into the Guinness World Record and Singapore Book of Records. So, if you wanna be part of a world record, here's your chance to make that happen!
Criteria for joining the contingent:
  1. 12 to 35 years old
  2. Energetic and Enthusiastic
  3. Passionate in Learning
Trainings will start in October, and they will be conducted on a weekly basis. Trainings are tentatively scheduled from 7.30 to 10pm on weekdays, and either 9am to 1.00pm or 2 to 6pm on weekends. Participants are required to attend the following training dates, as they are compulsory:
  • 22nd Jan 2011: Full Dress Rehearsal
  • 15th Jan 2011: Combined Rehearsal
  • 10th Feb 2011: Dry Run
  • 11th Feb 2011: Chingay Day 1
  • 12th Feb 2011: Chingay Day 2
According to PAYM, you do not need a dance background to join the contingent. The trainings will help you become familiar with the moves. All they need are people who are interested and willing to learn. So, give it a shot! :D

If you are interested to participate, do drop us an e-mail at: nyp.photography@gmail.com

Jonathan Siow

Thursday, 23 September 2010
Canon Photomarathon 2010 19:30

Wassup everyone!

The annual Canon Photomarathon will be held soon on 23rd October 2010. Some of our members from NYPPC will be going to take part in the competition, so if you're interested, join us! We could go as a group (or in small groups if there are many people) to tackle the themes. More brains is more power right?

What is a photomarathon?
Well, basically, its a photo competition where you'll have to submit 3 photos based on 3 themes, but... there's a catch. The themes will only be released on the day itself; one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. So you'll have to be quick thinking and creative to get your perfect shot. No pre-planning, no taking your time, cos there's a time limit too.
So if you're spontaneous and like a good challenge, join us on the 23rd! OR, if you just want some fun, and like to take it easy, join us too! Just remember, its not about winning, its all about having a good time and learning.

Heres the excerpt from the Canon Photomarathon 2010 (SG) website

Venue: Suntec City Hall 401
Date: 23rd October 2010 (Saturday)
Event Time: 0730hrs to 1930hrs
Registration Fee: SGD 10

Singapore's largest one-day photo competition returns for an 8th consecutive year on 23rd October 2010.

Participants will once again compete in the Open and Student categories throughout the day, shooting to fulfill three pre-determined themes that will only be revealed on competition day.

Besides standing a chance to the latest Canon cameras, two Best of Show winners will travel to Turkey for a 8-day photo clinic led by professional photographer Triston Yeo.

You'll have to register direct with Canon, and theres a $10 registration fee, but based on the past few years, you'll probably get a free shirt,a photo print coupon, and a drink.

If you're joining, do email us nyp.photography@gmail.com , so we can go together as a group and have lots of fun!

See you there!

Kiat Yi

Wednesday, 15 September 2010
Meeting Canceled and Club Tee matters 20:30

Hi NYPPCians!!!

just to let you all know, the meeting which was scheduled for this Friday will be postponed till either the last week of holidays, or during the 1st week of the new semester. We will update you all on the meeting via our Facebook and blog. Thanks for all your e-mails about your attendance for the meeting and your shirt sizes! It feels good that you all reply our e-mails. :D

Just a reminder to e-mail us your shirt sizes so that we can make the club tees. Just today, we were told by our club advisors that we are able to choose the following specifications for our club tees:

  1. Material of the shirt
  2. Polo tee or standard tee
As such, we will be creating a survey using SurveyMonkey, and would like you all to complete the survey for us! Your data will help us make better decisions!

Lastly, samples for the sizes of the shirts will also be given out at a later date. We might set up a session for our members to try out the samples in order to better select their shirt sizes. Look out for that!

Jonathan Siow

Monday, 13 September 2010
Meeting and other important info 17:06

Hi NYPPCians!!!

We've got some very important information you need to know!!!

First, our club will be having a meeting this Friday (17/09) in school, room E307, at 6pm. We will be meeting up with our club advisors, Mr Guru and Mr Jeffery Ong, and will be discussing about the future of our club and other plans as well. Attendance for this meeting is compulsory, unless you have a valid reason.

The next thing we would like you to know is that... WE WILL BE DESIGNING OUR VERY OWN CLUB TEE (T-shirt)! How cool is that! As such, we will require you to e-mail us your T-Shirt size, so that your shirt won't be a super body-hugger and give a very tight hug, or your shirt won't be too loose, till you look like you're swimming in it. Sizes range from Small to Xtra Xtra Large. Details about the cost of the shirt will be given to you all at a later date. In the meantime, just send us your shirt size, for we are still in the planning stage.

Please e-mail us your attendance for this Friday's meeting and your T-Shirt size by Wednesday (15/09).

Jonathan Siow

Friday, 10 September 2010
The Originals of G. R. Lambert Exhibition 00:00

Hello NYPPCians,

There'll be a exhibition on 'The Original of G. R. Lambert" at
Singapore Philatelic Museum. The exhibition features a rare collection of original GR Lambert 19th century photographs, and historical picture postcards in the late 19th to mid 20th century. Below are more details regarding the exhibition:

The Originals of G.R. Lambert

Date: 2 August 2010– 2 January 2011

Venue: Singapore Philatelic Museum, 23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807

Tel: 6337-3888

Website: www.spm.org.sg

Opening hours: Monday (1pm - 7pm); Tuesday - Sunday (9am - 7pm)

Admission charge:

Adult $5; Child (3-12 years) $4 and free for Singapore citizens & Permanent Residents; Senior Citizen (60 years and above) $4 and free for Singapore citizens & Permanent Residents

This exhibition features a rare collection of original GR Lambert 19th century photographs, and historical picture postcards in the late 19th to mid 20th century. This collection is donated by Mr Koh Seow Chuan, an avid and renowned collector in Singapore. Visitors can get a glimpse of the landscape and people of early Singapore through the eyes of GR Lambert, a famous German photographer who arrived in Singapore in 1867. He opened his photographic studio in 1877, and produced the first picture postcard of Singapore in 1897.

- Kevin -

Tuesday, 7 September 2010
Photography Competition 08:25

Hello there,

There'll be a Photography Competition held by UNAS Youth Council called the Project Shutter. For more information, please visit http://www.unas-sg.org/. Thank you.


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